The Saints and the power of prayer

In the store we hear many stories everyday of people looking to pray for miracles and so we are asked; who should I believe in? Who should I pray to? Who will help me get what I need or through my situation? The best I can say is you came to the right place as the Saints are great answers to your prayers. Most Saints are know for specific miracles and believing in what they stand for and praying to them is the most effective way to have your prayers listened to. The Saints are a great guide to experiencing faith in something you may never thought possible.

Hear is a quick guide to some of the more popular Saints and what miracles they bring.

St. Gerard: Pregnancy/Motherhood
St. Peregrine: Cancer Afflicted
St. Jude: Impossible cases/Don’t Quit prayer
St. Christopher: Protection
St. Monica: Addiction
St. Dymphna: Depression
St. Lucy: Eyes
St. Francis: Peace
St. Anthony: Lost things
St. Micheal: Police offices/Military
St. Florian: Firefighters
St. Joseph: Obtaining Favors
Infant of Prague: Good finances

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